Tuesday, October 23, 2012

from the Pumpkin Patch

Just a quick little diversion of my guardian Angels
-seeing we are counting down to Halloween 'n all-
Here are two little friends from my pumpkin patch ;)

Madame Noir

"JackOooooo!" is 23x12 cm woodburned on driftwood and then stained and painted. "Madame Noir" is a cute miniature (10x5 cm) piece of smooth driftwood and again woodburned and painted

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Lisa Graham Art said...

These are fun Joyce! They look great against the matching materials.

Manon said...

I need a walk on the beach with you! Super leuk.
Ga donderdag naar Nederland wil je nog drop?

Cameron said...

I really love what you've been doing with these piecs of driftwood! Your angels are really special....but you know I have a soft spot for Halloween :)

These are adorable!!