Saturday, February 02, 2013

the Dark side of the Mount

Hippocampus Ma-ita-i
I am so proud, I have 4 Steampunk-y paintings in this exciting exhibition at Lightwave Gallery at the Mount here in Tauranga. The exhibit runs at least until 24 February, so if you are in the area, visit ! It's not just an exhibit, it's an experience ! Many stories in anticipation had appeared in the various local papers even before the opening. More details and journals are on the Lightwave site whenever you click on one of the photos here, you will be taken there ;) and I am sure they will have more pictures of the opening and some good stageshots of the exhibit rooms soon as well, so check it out ! For now I will share my works here and a few snapshots I managed to take between talks and meeting other people and sneaking around the many visitors that were there. It was a steamy event on a balmy summer's evening....;)

Miss An D. More - independent explorer
Cpt. Kwbot
Specimen # 14

Cpt. Murdoch's private room with his art collection

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