Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Stop Motion adventure

I had to try it, didn't I ? 
When I can playwith something new, I just have to try !
I bought my son some stop motion clay, because he wanted to learn how to make stop motion films. (did I tell you already he want to do special effects when he grows up ? (to see his little "workshop" click here) So we sat down on Sunday and started playing, we had loads of fun sculpting, it's so pliable and soft. Anyway, when the kids went to school on Monday morning and Monday happens to be my day off (to do all the other chores I am supposed to be doing for work of course) I couldn't help but shooting some frames to see how it would turn out. (Also, so that I can help him when he needs to turn his into a movie of course, you get it ! ) Well, here's my first little production ! I think she looks cute. And I also have to thank my superman for helping me with the editing. He did a great job finishing my rough series of frames into this musical little film ♥   

1 comment:

Cameron said...

What a sweet, happy little movie! Made me smile...and envy her skirt! Haha!