Saturday, March 02, 2013

~~ She's like a Rainbow ~~

The Rainbow Box 
woodburn design and painted in the amazing technicolours of the rainbow. Okay, so I started playing along with Jane Spakowsky's 10 day challenge and thought it would be kinda cool to make me do the 10 paintings in pink hues, since this is a colour I do not often choose. But after 5 of those pink/purple works I needed some other colours....don't get me wrong I like all the colours of the rainbow, I have no issues with any of them, it's just that one seems to get used to using certain colours more often than others. So I made this box....and called her "She's like a Rainbow" thought that was fitting all this thinking about colours I was doing......It's a box with space for 15 paint pottles and brushes and pencils etc. in.It's 23.5x20.5x5.5 cm or 9.25x8x2.25 inch
It is for sale, you can message me here, I will have to check on the postage, but again I have to run now, this week seems so busy, but I will be back this evening.. 



Cameron said...

I love her there is nothing she enjoys more than having a paintbrush in her hand and colors all around her :)


Lucy Chen said...

Joyce, I think it is wonderful and super inspiring that you add your own rule to the challenge, the pink colour! I'll try something similar when I next join a challenge. Thank you .