Monday, March 11, 2013


Dwellings II 40x60 cm / 16x24 inch

Dwellings I 20x30 cm / 8x12 inch

With this warm weather (they call it a proper drought now) still going on here, I feel myself thinking about deserts more and more. I love deserts, they are not just sand and the ones I have visited were really beautiful, I have warm memories (pun not intended ;) These two mixed media works are very much inspired by desert-like, warm places... desolate... still, but the dust is flying in hot dry air....I really enjoyed making these, hope you like them too ♥

Dwellings II detail
Dwellings I detail
(they could be hung together as a diptych)
another one I made last week in pastels with some gesso, called 'Sinai'


Cameron said... magical sandcastles on the shore of a foggy beach :)

Joyce van der Lely said...

Thank you Cameron, yes influenced by the warm (hot) weather....