Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Kissing a Frog Prince

Here's another upcycled box I just finished
You know I have a thing for frogs...and kissing frogs ;)
So here's one of those.....dreaming for a prince
all sides




box inside - I added some gold glitter and a red heart before varnishing


Lisa Graham Art said...

Such a clever creation Joyce and I love what you did with the inside too. And I want you to know the lovely paintings you did on driftwood a while back inspired me to go buy some big wooden panels to paint on. I've done two so far. LOVE LOVE painting on wood. I also found 9x12" 5 pack of birch panels at Blick for $12! :) Thanks for inspiring me. Wee Morepork says hi. He's grateful the cat has not found him yet...he's perched safe on the dresser.

Lucy Chen said...

Australia has the loveliest frogs. check them out! Love your box, too.

Cameron said...

Gorgeous, Joyce...so signature YOU! I love that I can recognize your style right away....a piece of you in every creation :)