Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Time flies......

I saw "Frida" -the movie on TV the other day. I had seen this movie before, but that was a while ago now. It inspired me to make something Frida-ish again....she sold within a day.
Time flies when you're having fun.
hehe, I heard a little innocent joke about two frogs: 
One frog says to the other:" Time's fun when you're having flies..." 
I had to laugh, I love frogs and I like simple jokes. The world is too dark as it is.
But anyway....what I wanted to share with you today is this: I have been really really busy with lots of things and have not been able to find proper time to blog at all. I manage to quickly throw things on my Facebook page though, but that's about it. (So check out my page here if you want to see the quick posts) I am teaching lots of art classes and preparations (and patching up help in between) takes up quite a bit of my "spare" time. I desperately wish for some "me" art time and even that seems to be a little rushed, although..........see, there's the thing.....every disadvantage comes with opportunities and I am at a stage with my art that I actually wish for some "loosening up" in my works and not having an abundance of time to work on a project makes it so I HAVE to loosen up and accept the imperfect in my eyes as being a finished work. And I am studying different painting styles again and practicing when I can (see HERE) Stay posted I will share what I am up to of course, but for now, if you don't see anything here, check out (and "like" my page)

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Cameron said...

This Frida Angel is gorgeous! Love the touch of the flowers at the bottom.

I know what you mean about being busy. I think, too, everyone is spending far less time in Blogland and focusing on other Social Media, instead.
This makes me sad :(

So glad to hear you are keeping your spirits up even when you're too busy to create for yourself.....that, in itself, help keeps things loose :)