Sunday, June 02, 2013


is my latest 20 minute painting on a 10 inch square stretched canvas.
I am at an impasse a little, need time to reflect, need time to think, rethink, decide, prioritize. This is 20 minutes where I tried to immerse myself into just painting, no voices around me, no distractions, no pushing and pulling, just the canvas, the paints and my brushes. The 20 minutes were over too fast, the buzzer scared me a little, made me jump when I had to stop, so this is it, this is what it will stay, I won't tinker anymore.  But I need to find a balance between the art I do to make a buck, to pay the bills, to keep my family going versus the art I want to make from deep within. I crave artistic growth and experiments, I don't seem to have much time for those right at this moment. The 20 minute challenges offer a way to play and let loose and grow a little for me, so they are precious at the moment. I also need to find time to get my physical self in better shape. Making art hardly gives your body a work-out, but time constraints prevent me from choosing time for those exercizes.
I might not blog as much as I used to before, but I am always still around. My Facebook Page will be the place where I will always post, so if you want to stay updated, come and like my page there.
I alsostarted putting my available art on Wordpress (HERE), just because they have a lay-out I really like and I cannot seem to find here at blogger.
So that's all for now folks :)
Thank you always for following and reading my stories


Lisa Graham said...

There is so much precision in this 20 minute work that I had no idea it was a 20 minute work until you said so. I have already liked your page on Facebook a long long time ago. I love your art as you already know. There are a few bloggers moving onto Wordpress. I have been tempted, but I am afraid of losing my readers. But then again, it seems like since I updated my Blogger profile to Google+ profile, I have had very little growth on my blog. I don't think people know how to navigate on Google+ as well. It's a real dilemma.

I walk my dog everyday for 30 minutes which is about 2 miles and it really helps my well being.

Cameron said...

My Dear Joyce.....
Life is a hard thing to juggle...just when we catch a part of it and take control, we are forced to throw it up in the air again so as not to let another fall...

Speaking from my own experience, I would make time to exercise the first priority. Energy levels, amount of contentment and positivity seem to increase with a rise in fitness level. Perhaps your renewed focus on health will help you find your answers?

All my friends seem to hang out on Facebook a lot. I guess I will need to learn how to, as well :)

Big supportive hugs!!
Btw, Lisa is right, you make a 20 min painting look like one that took hours!