Tuesday, May 14, 2013


Time flies, where does it go ? 
It's been quite a while since I blogged. I have been busy which is good of course. I have been challenging myself, done some 20 minute painting excercizes (want to keep doing that, they are so much fun and so exciting!) I have also started to do some palette knife excercizes again and this picture "Worship" is  the biggest knife painting I have done so far. Oh and one of my paintings has made it into the Beachside Art Auction (fundraiser for the Papamoa Kindergarten) on the 15th June (that's pretty exciting too) 
And my weekly classes have started again of course, so yes, this Miss Pippi is off the street and again searching desperately for more hours each day....but having loads of fun with everything.


Cameron said...

This year is just flying by! Seems like I was just filling out my year planner last week!

Maggie will be out of school at the end of this month!

I love that you've been doing something with your time, Dear Joyce! It's so cool that you can get some good detail by just using a knife!
....and I've always been a fan of those mermaids :P


Ira said...

Echt fantastisch wat je weer allemaal hebt gedaan en doet! XO van ons 5 uit A'veen