Tuesday, September 24, 2013

love is all we need

 When asked if I want to play along with sending a little love around the world, somewhere in the world, I can never say no. I received this little heart puzzle with an address of a person I don't know. For me to paint/decorate to my liking, so I thought it would be cool to do a double sided one, so the recipient can have 2 little tiny challenges and two sides to look. It's flying now, on it's merry way, to bring a little arty love somewhere else. Hope it arrives soon ♥

Now you all know I like the traveling art idea, I currently host the 2013 TAP (the traveling art project) and there are 3 canvasses flying all around the globe stopping here and there to receive a little art input. For next year there already is a TAP 2014 set up at the Trodden Path. Free to sign up, so if it sounds like something for you too, come over and join !


Carmen said...

What a gorgeous little puzzle. I watched a similar canvas project take place over on the CollaborArt blog. Each person posted their progress on that one - it was so fascinating watching the canvasses transform before they went home.

Pamela Joy Purses said...

Just lovely!!!