Saturday, September 21, 2013


This week I received an email saying : " Congratulations on being included in the upcoming See|Me - Creatives Rising show! Your work will be featured in New York City on October 5th along with other inspiring artists from around the globe in an exciting display of art. In the coming weeks, we will be sending you more information about the event" ooooohhh, I'm so excited ! Anybody in New York that can take a quick photo on the 5th of October ? 

Because I will still be painting the mural for the Katikati Mural contest of course no rest for the wicked I guess....;) I also finished painting on the Day of the Dead piano at the Incubator this week, it just needs a metal skeleton hand now to hold the guitar ;) Cool project !



Kristin said...

Oooo those look like so much fun! I love it!

Lisa Graham Art said...

Congratulations on the New York exhibit Joyce. That's awesome.

Your piano work looks fantastic! Wow, you've worked hard on that!!