Monday, September 09, 2013

Painting Pianos

 Last weekend I have been busy Painting Pianos {well one of 4 pianos} 
In the Historic Village where I have my studio 'Young at Art', I have some new arty neighbours in the big red barn. They're called 'the Incubator' {awesome name he?} it's an artist collective set up as a charitable trust by some of local my artist buddies Simone Anderson and sculptor Lisa Meehan  The first community project in the barn is these pianos. They are going to be part of the Tauranga Arts Festival in October {or they might be used a little earlier as well} There are 4 pianos: 
  a Jackson Pollock style one
one inked up with tattoos
one will be yarnbombed
 and the one I worked on is the day of the Dead one. 
On Saturday I started the Burtonesque tree on the back of the piano 
and on Sunday after working on the tree some more...
 I started La Catrina on the side. It's still a work-in-progress, to be continued..... in the mean time......there are loads of photos made during these two days by different people and if you are on Facebook, come check them out.

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Gina said...

This is an awesome project!!! :D XXX