Saturday, September 17, 2011

Dusting off the elixer bottle

I just read a post by one of my Wicked Witches Sisters, and she is the ORGANIZED one, the one that has ALREADY started with her Halloween preparations ! ..... Leaves me, the procrastinating one with too much on her head as it is already, to feel rediculously late again....But ! ......I do have something she covets, yes I do ! haha !I have the drop that makes me live foreverrrrr hehe ;) I will be concocting more and will come show you my pantry when I am ready for All Hallows

*this one is made by my faithful apprentice little T*


Marilyn Girling said...

Oh these are wickedly wonderful! The color and shape of the second bottle is gorgeous. Putting these lovelies out would really get me in the spirit.

Cameron said... did you know I would, indeed, covet the potion in your possession!
Those bottles are fantastic....procured from gypsies, perhaps...or found among pirate treasure....they are as beautiful as they are magical :D