Friday, September 16, 2011

Somewhere over the Rainbow -by me-

Here's my latest entry I did in my journal. Partially done on the ferry between South and North Island and finished last night at my new home amongst boxes still to be unpacked.... I just had to do something creative, couldn't stand it any longer. The spread in my Moleskine shows a little how I feel at the moment, like jumping in a deep deep pool with my eyes covered and taking a plunge.....where will we end up ? Adventure and excitement, but also uncertain and a bit scary. I need to play art some more, maybe will find a bit of time tonight again.....but will start putting things away first now, finding places for all our stuff....need to get that done as well...


Diane said...

I wish you much luck with your new home, and sometimes we just have to stop and express our feelings through our art. Isn't art great to help us like this!!

Cameron said...

Yes, some art play is always the right answer!

I know things can fell so unseetlled and uncertain right now...but, I am so excited for you and your family! A fresh...hopefully safer....view to enjoy Life together :)

Miss you here, though....for sure!