Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Dusting off more memories

Well, you probably know I have recently moved house, and I am still unpacking and I keep finding these funny old things. Some I decide to throw away (why did I ever save them ?) others make me sit down and think for a while, remembering. These were some of those, they are a bunch of dry needle etches I made ages ago at high school with my Art teacher (he was a great man) I was allowed to stay after school and play with these copperplates and his precious etch press. I loved it ! I almost forgot I still had these and even with some prints ! One of them is a skull, I remember I got a real skull from somewhere (don't have that one anymore) but I etched theat skull into one of the copperplates. Very Halloween-y I know, isn't that a coincidence ? Anyway, before I start on some other boxes, I thought to share these with you.

1 comment:

Cameron said...

Those are so neat, Joyce!
How cool you were able to try your hand at etching!

I've always loved the way they turn out....like old book illustrations....
The skull is rather timely, indeed...heehee!