Monday, October 10, 2011

Love of Nature

Before I do another post with my latest finished painting (...yes it is coming along soon...) I thought to share this little happy thought with you all. Maybe you remember? I did a post not so long ago about Heart-shaped   Rocks that I found in the riverbeds in the South Island. This time I was taking the kids for a walk in the area we moved to recently and....we found these clovers with heart shapes in their leaves, just had to photograph them and take some home to put in my flowerpress ! Mother Nature shares her love in unexpected places, I hope I can find them all, it's almost like a treasure-hunt (just didn't manage to find a 4 leaf clover amongst them all, ah well ;)


Manon said...

I think they will bring you more luck finding these. I have never seen anything like them. Have a happy day Joyce!!!!

Cameron said...

Love to you in all it's forms :)