Sunday, October 23, 2011

A Halloween Party with a twist - or - "The Witch and the Quest for Jack"

A Halloween Party with a twist 
"The Witch and the Quest for Jack"

One late Halloween's Eve the witch was at her stove busy stirring and brewing her creams and potions. Smoke was emitting form under the lids and steam was puffing all around her, she had tears in her eyes.

Her black cat BOO sat in the corner, 

She knew her witch was crying because she had found a rusty box that morning filled with photographs and postcards from her grand old granny MegsieMae. 

 She'd been looking for batwings, dragonskins and toadeyes. 

She'd read about a traditional celebration called "Ol' Hallows" or "Halloween" or something on one of the postcards. And there'd been photos of fields of pumpkins and toadstools and Jack-O-Lanterns (or whatever they're called) and Witches Gatherings! Oh she'd want to go to one of those....

Now you have to understand that this witch was all alone in her neck of the woods and no pumpkins grew this time of year, so she'd decided to brew this concoction to change her broom into a time traveling vehicle as described in one of Grannies recipes (flying broomsticks, ha, what would they be thinking of next ?) She'd go back in time to Gran's time and go to one of them gatherings, yeah.
The potion  was ready now and she conjured up the spell, but it backfired and next to the sweep appeared a dragon to her surprise? Ah well, ever the adapting witch she decided to ride the beast instead. So she gave him a spoonful of the other potion and took a sip herself and *Swish*~~~~ next minute she found herself in a cold dark damp swamp at the foot of a deserted castle, this must have been Gran's swamp ! There were pumpkins to be found 

and she quickly picked her Jack and set off to find the gathering of Witches to finally have a real Halloween herself !

Thank you Vanessa for hosting this spooky feast 


apinkdreamer said...

magical post!!!! happy halloween!!!!

Jorgelina said...

Great post.
Happy halloween party!!!

Alisa Noble said...

Such a magical Halloween tale! I love your artwork.

Happy Halloween

Cameron said...

A magical the bottles! Slivered Dragon that nori?
Very, Very cool!

...and the whole concept of her riding a dragon is awesome!! Love the accompanying artwork...with her wonderful stripey hat and traveling glasses on :D

Thanks for having me....biggest hugs,

Anonymous said...

Wonderful art, decor, spell jars, tales, and kindness! I am so glad the witch got to go back to MegsieMae's land!!

Your photos are superb as well. All around full blown Halloween magic infusion at you place. Thank you so much!!!

♥ Vanessa {A Fanciful Twist}

Little Miss Hungry said...

Your white-and-gold pumpkin is beautiful! I also love that mushrooms picture :)

Thank you for visiting my pumpkin carving party! I do hope that you get to carve something this year...I've even done apples hehe

Happy Halloween!

Bobbypin Bandit said...

Your spell jars are positively wonderful.

Just out of curiosity... where can I get a dragon like that? It's a great idea... every witch needs a dragon!

Laume said...

Lots of fun ideas in your photos - are these all your creations? If so, you're a clever Halloween witch indeed! I particularly loved the gold painted pumpkin, so pretty! I hope you had a chance, or come by soon if you haven't yet, to my small party post as well.

Jen said...

I also love the gold painted pumpkin! I love your collection of pumpkins and squash. Thank you for inviting me to this magical party :)

rachelsmith133 said...

Ahhh I just loved your magical Halloween tale. Witches and Dragons together is a dream combination. :-)

Your art work for it too was beautiful. :-)

peach said...

Thanks for sharing your lovely Halloween story! I also really like your artwork!! Your very talented:)

Thanks for stopping by!

Happy Halloween!!

Kam from

Donna said...

What a magical tale .. loved your party .. and your art is amazing !

Loretta said...

That is a neat story! Your artwork is wonderful. Happy Halloween!

LYNDY WARD said...

Enchanting Decor & Magickal Dragon.
Please fly by my party when you can...
Hauntingly Yours, Lyndy >^..^<

Princess Diana's Wedding Ring Giveaway & Halloween Party:

Jennifer said...

Oh your artwork is marvelous! I adore it! I also love the painted pumpkins! They're a delight.
Happy Haunting

Lisa said...

thanks for a great party! love your artwork!
Happy Halloween

Mad Madam Mel said...

oooh i love your spooky jars :)
Sorry it is taking me so long to get round all the parties,
why not hop over for a spooky tale at my place :
the more the merrier :)

spiceblogger said...

Great party! Love your painting aaaand your Black Cat Boo ;)
Thank you for having me over for your spooky tale.

Happy Halloween!

Lisa said...

Your artwork is lovely and your pumpkins are quite splendid. Hope you can stop by my enchanted oven for sweets.

Kareen said...

From my grandma's secret recipe: 3 flutterings of a bats wing, 4 jumps from a frog's legs, 12 giggles from a lauhing bird and stir rapidly for a Happy Halloween...
I love your story and your images... hope witchey gets to have a great gathering.

Bohemian said...

An Enchanting & Creative Halloween Party Post and your Art is amazing! Thank you for stopping by my Halloween Party and leaving such a sweet comment so that I could discover your Lovely Blog.

Coming to you from a very Old House deep in the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

BlackPumpkin said...

Love your witches!

Misty said...

Your story was wonderful!! Thanks for sharing! Sorry it took me so long life has been crazy and haven't had much time. Thanks for stopping by my blog also! Blessings!!