Sunday, October 02, 2011

~~~ My Water Serpents I ~~~ the Klimt Challenge

~ My Water Serpents I ~
Mixed Media on canvas 70x73 cm

initiated by the very  talented Gritty Jane
I was inspired of course by his Mermaid-like "Wasserschlangen"
and then I saw my Kaffe Fassett fabrics and I had to use some of those as well, how fitting they are to Klimt's patterns
I will have to do another Klimt inspired work, I am mesmerised by him at the moment, I got almost all books from the library on him out, funny how that happens


Diane said...

Joyce, this is stunning!

Cameron said...

Oh wow, Joyce! They are a gorgeous duo! Beautiful and yin and yang!

Love it! How long did that piece take you?

Pamela Joy Purses said...

just Beautiful!!!

Cameron said...

Hi Joyce....I'm not sure why, but whenever I try to email you back...I keep getting an error
I thought I'd just give you the message here regarding Life Book.

"No, I didn't sign up.....

It was a requirement for one of the giveaways to put in on your sidebar. I'm still trying to win a spot :)
I did win a place in a course called "Big Dreams Small Wonders".....not so much about art as mapping out goals and such.
It started 2 weeks ago and I haven't done a thing...
I am still a part of "21 Secrets" which runs til the end of the year. I've done a few of the classes within...but nowhere near the 21 offered.
You certainly have jumped into the pool of online courses with both feet!
Quite an impressive list you have there!

I agree Life Book sounds amazing! All those guest teachers! All pretty well known talents! Lots to learn there, I'm sure!
Even though the focus of this course is a yearlong journal about you (I don't journal) I apply the techniques and suggestions to art I want to create...
I think the price is fairly reasonable....but, knowing myself...I don't think I'd take full advantage of everything offered there. So, it still makes it hard to pay for it.

I'm so glad to see you painting again.....and such large scale! The Water Serpents are gorgeous, Joyce....really!

Maybe we need to discuss a trade soon...hmmmm? *wink*"
Sending you lots a hugs!