Thursday, December 29, 2011

Art Critics vs Making up my Mind

Here are two recent journal pages, one about Art Critics and the DOUBT
 'Is what I make ArT ?'
The little newspaper clipping shows a little boy opening the trash and shouting 
"Mum! Someone put my sculpture in the rubbish!"
underneath it says: Failing to recognise a masterpiece when you see one....
-how true-

the other about just Making up my Mind
Come on 2012


Joanna said...

They are both brilliant and really send a message that I can relate to.

How unusual to work on black, something I've never done. It makes the white doodling really 'pop'. The second spread is so beautiful, her little face is so sweet and I love how you've done her hair.


Lisa Graham Art said...

Wonderful post! Yes, who does decide?

Happy New Year to you! See you in 2012!

Cameron said...

We are the only ones who truly matter....but making ourselves available to the rest of the world is fun :)

I love that you are journaling...the thought and introspection involved is too much for me....I get impatient and think I should be doing something else :D

Big Hugs, Joyce! I wish you the best in 2012!

Carmen said...

I could hug you. With both of these pieces. Love them both and they really speak to me right now.

Sol Santiago said...

Straight to the point, beautiful, both.
Your art has power Joyce, it talks for many artists.

I love the colors used for painting the boxes,
blue bird is my favorite. :)