Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Waiting to be published #1

 -A: a small canvas-
Here's the first of the non-posted items that had to wait for Christmas Day to pass. This one is about the Secret Santa I entered through Whoopidooings
 and I made some things for it, couldn't share them earlier obviously, I hope the recipient enjoyed what I packed up and sent flying on Santa's Sleigh accross the globe, (A,B and C) apparently she likes RED......
-B: a bunch of RED and JAPANESE/ORIGAMI related things-

 -C: and a little altered board book with more papers etc. in the back- 

I thoroughly enjoyed what I received ! I mean look at the gorgeous parcels and what was in them ! Love that quote by Tim Burton (I am a fan if you didn't know that yet...) "One Person's Craziness is another person's reality"
I feel so spoiled...... Thank you Carmen !

 another beautiful gift I got from under our tree and I really want to share is this little Eau de Parfum, it came in the most amazing box and the little bottle is divine too ! It's by John Galliano. Haven't even smelled it yet, was just too mesmerized by the packaging.....
Hope you too feel blessed and spoiled


Lucy Chen said...


Carmen said...

Thank you for taking part Joyce, am glad you liked the canvas, I had such fun making it!

Your presents for Carol are gorgeous! As is that perfume bottle - who cares what it smels like :D

Cameron said...

Fantastic! What thoughtful and beautiful gifts, both sent and received! So glad you had a Merry Christmas :D

Joanna said...

Carol must have been absolutely knocked out by her SS gifts. The altered board book is superb!

The perfume bottle and packaging is wonderful, love those colours and the brilliant face on the box.

Thank you for popping by my blog, I rather like having a stalker!!