Monday, December 05, 2011

Corpse Bride - revisited

A fellow artist Theresa from Faerie Moon Creations wrote a blogpost earlier this week about her favorite December-Movies and I have a bunch like that too. One we both seem to like is "Corpse Bride" by Tim Burton, I so looooove this ! I once did a Burtonesque painting inspired by this movie

Oh and I also did a set of ATCs in a homage to Mr. B.
Now it just so happened to happen that last night while I was painting on a commission (yes, I am commissioned ! deadline is Xmas !) there was a re-run (they are very good with those here..) of the Corpse Bride on TV and I didn't mind this at all, they can screen this again and again and I still love it, so today when I was trying to be quiet a bit to get rid of my headache, I painted another bride and sewed her on a paper doily and sewed that on a sturdy painted cardboard, I love her ♥ I got to try out how my new Aquabrush works at the same time. She is 22x21 cm and the back is the lovely blue/green paper on the topmost pic. I will put her up for sale, just because I know there are so many Burton fans about and it is just in time for Christmas
I will send her with a bunch of extra's for the festive season ♥

Around the World on Santa's Sleigh
Shipping Included


Carmen said...

Another Mr Burton fan here. This is gorgeous. Just gorgeous - love those ATC's at the bottom too :)

Lucy Chen said...

Corpse Bride!

Cameron said...

These are all wonderful, Joyce....but Emily is my fave! You've captured her perfectly!! Love the use of the doily, too!!