Saturday, December 31, 2011

Crash and the Bad Dream

Ooohhhh, I had so many things I still wanted to post before the New Year and then, when editing some video material, the computer crashed and this was a MAJOR one and took FOREVER to get right. I still had the laptop (Halleluja) but all my images were on THIS computer....... so I will just make a quick post before we head into the countdown to 2012 (only 5+ hours to go here) Here I'll share a colour play I did in my journal yesterday....I had a bad dream this week that suddenly showed itself when I was doing this entry in one of my journals. So, I thought it was so fitting with the whole way I felt about the computer issue (up until this moment....yay ! the computer works again !!!! Thank heavens, I've got me such a wiz guy!) So ALL the other things ....I will post in 2012......see you then ♥


Lucy Chen said...

Is this the creepy dream you had? The ghost looks quite cute to me. :>

Diane said...

I love your bad dream :)
By now it must be 2012 for you--we still have about 15 hours to go--see you in the new year--I'm glad that we're friends--still want to swap??

Doone said...

love the negative spaces - the images swirl, just like a dream


Cameron said...

But what a colorful dream.....feel like I'm swimming in an animation cell.... :)

Sometimes, reliance on technology sucks...glad you're up and running again!

Happy New year, Dear Joyce!

Do I see that you are swapping with Diane? You Lucky Ducks!!!