Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Books and Videos

I am so excited ! two new books have arrived ! The one is my annual Art Book, this time the yearbook for 2011

The other one the -slightly delayed- Mermaid book full of art just inspired by Mermaids and of course with little poems, thoughts and stories

Both are now in my Etsy shop (for those of you collecting ;)

 and this is one of the up-cycled boxes I hadn't shared before, it is also featured in the book. As with my other boxes, the design is first woodburned in the wood and after that I have put paintwashes and painted details


Anonymous said...

WWWW Joyce !!!!

What a

Congratulation !

Cameron said...

I watched both videos eagerly...always in awe of your style, your ideas and techniques....giggling to myself over projects we overlapped, like Day of the Dead art, Alice in Underwaterland and, of course, our amazing trade!

I am thrilled to know you and hope we continue inspiring eachother for years to come!!

Geri Centonze said...

Joyce, I loved looking at your books - how beautiful! I'm really drawn to the Kiwi and the beautiful girl on the page "Loving Thoughts".

Happy New Year!