Sunday, January 22, 2012

Buzzing Bee Buzz bzzzzzz

  I am busy working on many art projects at the moment ! I am on time (even a little early, lucky time-difference this time around) ....I have just uploaded the second week video material for the Fresco Workshop and I am almost done with the text material as well. Also almost finished a painting for a competition (Eeeeeeek !!) Going to deliver it tomorrow......fingers and toes crossed..... Thought I had to give it a shot, 2012 being THE year and all :) But keeping it real, if they are all "Fine Arts" buffs.....well you never know unless you try.... Oh ! My parents are coming over to visit by the end of the week YAY !!!!! They weren't going to, because of health reasons (both of them) but they got the all clear and have a little window of opportunity to travel now! Haven't seen them since they left 4 days before the February quake last year, and we have moved in the mean time, it's going to be wonderful ! So all this happening at the moment, SWEET !!!!!! Another Fresco pic here for your viewing pleasure, there's still time to sign up for the reduced price you know, until 31 January, Come join us ! and have a great week !
I have been staying up very late lately, even later than normally and I already was a night owl.... also made another little one, another little night owl, Oohoo ! Find him on my Etsy if you like him (his older brother went flying)


Geri Centonze said...

Joyce, I just love your little owls!

Joyce van der Lely said...

Thanks Geri ♥ (He is sold now and is also leaving the nest)

Lisa Graham Art said...

You could probably make dozens and dozens of your owls and sell every single one. I can't wait to get mine in the mail. Been watching for it with anticipation every day. : )