Tuesday, January 17, 2012

I can growl, I am a tiger.....>>>>>>GRRRRRR<<<<< what a day ! It started with a failed upload overnight, not understanding why and trying to fix this, then me for some reason loosing access to my youtube channel account and NO WAY of getting back into it........so creating a new one and starting to upload so history etc. in the mean time painting some and getting all ready for Fresco lesson number one.....and more uploading and  getting REALLY frustrated ! with myself mostly....but also I entered a painting into an annual judged art award.......need to bring the painting there on 23 January....ooooooh. exciting !  So I stay determined to get it all done before I'll hit the sack........fingers crossed the upload will succeed now.....xoxo


Cameron said...

Love the tiger! Maggie loves him, too :)

Joyce van der Lely said...

made him last year..he's my Chinese Zodiac sign. Of course she loves him, she loves cats right ? How are the kittens ? I should do a cat for her, email me her birthday !