Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The Golden Fish

"Staring over the water, gazing into the sky,
determination sparkled vaguely in her eyes. 
Confidence and belief entered her being, 
now was the time to go out 
and catch the coveted Golden Fish"
I made this yesterday on watercolour paper. It tells a little story (at least it does to me) I am busy trying to design a new life for myself, one I love and will be proud of and that can support my kids, my family and that they can be proud of as well. Scared but also pretty determined, confident that it can succeed. I mean, if I pour my heart and soul into it it can only succeed, right ? So when I mindlessly sketched and started playing with watercolour paint this started to form and started to talk to me and it showed me determination and that it is about time to catch the golden fish, time to succeed. I think it told me to take another plunge, another leap. Trust the universe and just go for it. Crossing my fingers just in case....


Diane said...

Probably the biggest obstacle when we have a vision is ourselves--I LOVE your spirit--you inspire!

Cameron said...

Yes, you will catch that golden fish....then, perhaps, release it into the waters of possibility again....the adventure, confidence and education gained from succssfully netting that slippery guy is the true prize :)

I know you'll enjoy the journey!

Carmen said...

This year just FEELS like it's so full of possibility doesn't it?

Piarom said...

go for it :-) I am with Cameron AND I love your sweet fishes!