Sunday, March 25, 2012

All TOgether NoW

I am down, I can't say more, when I am like this I don't talk much. I have works in progress, none finished to share. I did join AmY (a.k.a. Steve)'s gathering of fellow artists that's going to be on the 18th of May, a blog party kinda thing, check it out, it's called : 
All TOgether NoW 
Sounds uplifting, I need uplifting, so there, it's Sunday here and it rains and I feel like the painting I just posted here (an older one), just to have an image here too, (I like postst with images rather than just writing.)

All Together Now


smokeysmom said...

So sorry you're feeling down, Joyce, but we all have those days, unfortunately. My day started that way, my Mum fell this morning and whacked her head against the rock siding at her home..she tripped. With her heart history and a recent stroke, I was so worried until I saw her in the Emergency Room at hospital, where she was lying on a gurney with ice packs on her head and her hand, telling jokes to the nurses. Yep, that's my Mum. She's back home, a bit sore, but doing ok. I'm so relieved it wasn't something more serious. Knowing it turned out to be something minor changed my outlook today, lol. So cheer up and keep making the wonderful art that you do. I checked out your stream on flicker, really amazing art:)

Tammie Lee said...

sending you light ~

Lisa Graham Art said...

I am so sorry you are down Joyce...I can relate to this very well. I am hoping sunny days are ahead for you! Your art from the past is extremely moving, emotional and beautiful.

Wee MP sends love and hugs. : )

Laurie Jess said...

How can this be? U R such a colorful & inspiring soul! Soon the sun in your heart will shine again!

Cameron said...

I think you just need a recharge....all your energy and time have been going to the shop.....perhaps it pulled everything out of you....and maybe more.
Take a breather...allow the blues to run their course....and revel in the possibility and promise that each new day is a new beginning and another chance to shine :)

I'm sending lots of love and support your way!!!

Angie said...

Your work is very inspiring - I just love this piece!