Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Got the Key !

Got the key to the shop today ! So this is the cute little place where I will be having my ArT-studio/workshop/gallery and where I will be doing lessons as well ! So now it's cleaning, painting, decorating time.... exciting !
Come "Like" me on Facebook and follow the progress of "Young at ArT -downunder-" And of course it's the last week of my Fresco on-line Workshop, you can still sign up of course, classroom stays open a little longer and when you sign up now, you'll get immediate access to all information and lesson video materials. Have a GREAT creative rest of the week !


Mother of twenty daughters said...

Wow, congratulations, totally awesome! Wish you all the best in this fantastic adventure!

Diane said...

This is so exciting Joyce!! Congratulations!!

Angie said...

So very exciting! Congratulations!

Cameron said...

Oh, Joyce!!! Huge congratulatory hugs!!
....okay, and a few more cuz I'm so excited for you and just don't have the words to express how wonderful this all is!!

...I'll let go now :)