Thursday, March 01, 2012

In the box !

In the Box !
This could mean so many things.
Today for me there are a few things "in the box"
Firstly, I had the kids yesterday at my Art class paint their first portraits on cardboard boxes - this was my sample ↑ - to see what THEY made, visit my school-site - go HERE *
Secondly, I just received an email that I won the most GORGEOUS Domino book in a Giveaway at "Artfully Musing" - check out Laura's blog HERE *
Thirdly, and I will make a more elaborate post about this soon, I am almost certain to have a little shop/workshop/studio in this amazing place, for a sneak peek go HERE *
And that's all I am writing today, because I have a zillion things to do....
Have a WONDERFUL DAY !!!!!


Cameron said...

Those kids did some great art! I like the sharp toothed scary guy with the Santa hat on.....haha!
Your box is pure lovliness!

...and the Historic Village.....perfect! It is just adorable.....what a artsy vibe it already has! Your little space there would be so cute!! I can see it in my mind already!!

hanne virtauksesta said...

Hello Joyce♥
I love your art! It is fabulous, amazing, awesome!!!!
My english is not so good but I try find the word in wordbook, if I don't know..
Happy mars days to You!!!