Friday, March 16, 2012

Distressing a sign

So I am still working on getting the studio ready to open on Saturday this week ( only two more sleeps...) Today I finished woodburning and painting the sign that is going to hang from the front of the shop building. But I wanted it to look "vintage", so when my -almost- 11 year old son got home from school, I gave him a piece of chain and told him he could hit it.....his eyes got really big..."you mean hit your NEW sign Mum ?" ...."yes"......"really ?"..."yes"......"oh, cool !!!!!!" so here he is, hitting the board hard ! (which little boy wouldn't like to do that huh ?)

 For my lessons, I also picked up a wooden table and 6 chairs I thrifted (did I tell you before, this project is a "on-a-shoestring" project ? Anyway, table is wonderful, but the chairs, the I grabbed some of my fabricstash and started pulling off all the fabric and now I am recovering them....'s gonna be all good !


Better have a little sleep as well, overslept this morning, blah !


HaJee said...

geweldig zoals het eruit ziet en eruit gaat zien (de stoelen!) ben even in je zoo dus nu op deze site, wat een leuke foto's , oh waren we er maar bij !!!!!

Cameron said...

OMG! It is all coming together so quickly!!
How exciting!

I LOVE the sign...definately would get my attention :)

Anniek said...

Zo wat gaat het allemaal snel!! Morgen (oh nee, voor jou vandaag!) al de opening. Geweldig om te zien hoe je zoon zich uitleeft op het uithangbord! Ik hoop dat de opening voorspoedig zal verlopen en wens je veel succes!

Manon said...

Aaaah heb ik alles gemist over het begin van je nieuwe avontuur. Geweldig Joyce!!! Ik wens je heel veel sucess.Nu ga ik even lekker lezen. Heel leuk joh!