Saturday, June 08, 2013

A Huia and a double twist pendant

I finished a very special commissioned mermaid on driftwood today.
She is a Gypsy Mermaid and carries in her hand a Huia, an extinct New Zealand native bird {click here for more info if you like to know more
 I was asked to make her as a gift and I just received a phonecall that she was very well received, this warms my heart.

And I also finally finished this portrait this week, had to touch her up when I re-stretched the canvas and suddenly felt she needed something around her neck or so.....she now wears a necklace with a traditional Maori carving pendant. It's a double/triple twist which symbolizes "Infinite" {click here for more info on these carvings and there meanings

And I helped out at the Midnight Circus again this morning, art activities with the kids. I made stencils of circus Monkeys and Elephants and had a ball making loads and loads of cool pictures with the kids.
It's been hard work lately, but hard work is okay when you like it :)


Paper rainbow said...

I love your mermaid, She is so beautiful, The idea of painting on driftwood is fabulous, I noticed this week Lynne Hoppe was painting on shells! I have so many ideas now! Thanks so much for sharing, lovely to find your blog :)

Janet Keen said...

Your site looks beautiful youve done a lovely job of it. Ive put a link of it onto my blog. Regards janet

Cameron said...

Gorgeous, Joyce! That mermaid is so lovely (as they all have been...I'll be looking for driftwood this Summer, y' know!) and the portrait has such a softness to it that is just so pretty!

Those cardboard stencils are amazing, too! The posters made from them are jaw dropping!!

Anonymous said...

Good one!
Every bit of your page is interesting and unique.