Sunday, June 16, 2013

Raging Redbows and Rainstrings

" Well have you ever seen a rainstring before
so colourful it made you want to skip ?
Or tied a redbow on your door
and pretended to be fishing off a big ship ?

then come journey with us into that deep blue sea
where the raging monsters live wild and free
Red strings will keep you safe, draw you up to the sky
where rainbows full of colours soar and fly "

{by Joyce van der Lely and Karen Wright}
I haven't been on my blog for a while, just busy, busy with work, not much art time for myself. Busy in a fun way though, don't get me wrong. One large chunk of my time goes into the planned exhibit for my kids art classes arts in July :)
I am organizing this together with Jenny Grant, fellow artist and friend who also teaches kids at her daughter's primary school this term. Stay posted I will keep you updated, or follow the progress on Facebook

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Cameron said...

Great poster! How exciting :)