Friday, June 21, 2013

The declaration of you

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in·ten·tion  -n.  
A course of action that one intends to follow.

-versus -

goal -n. 
 The purpose toward which an endeavor is directed, an objective.

Although these are synonyms according to the official dictionaries, I like to talk a little about difference {for me} between these two words.

To me intentions are more spiritual than goals.

Goals I set to achieve tangible things, to get to a certain point, to finish a task within a certain time-span, things like that. Intentions are more the thoughts that are created in my mind: things I wish to do, I plan to do. These thoughts mainly have to do with actions towards others. People I like to help in some way or who like to surprise or inspire. I get these intentional thoughts on a daily basis while I am working in my studio. I don’t decide what they are going to be, they just come to me. I line them up in my head and try to make sure I act on them when the time is there. And this is the bit that makes it all a little uneasy for me. See, I do not plan these intentions to present themselves to me in my thoughts and I have very limited time outside of work, family and well…more work. So, getting to honour my intentions sometimes gets a little hard. My head gets very full and sometimes it overwhelms me. But new intentional thoughts keep coming, every day again and again. I think it must mean that I have a bigger heart than I initially thought was possible. Maybe it all started after the earthquakes I lived through. It definitely changed my outlook on life and made compassion and just being nice and good towards oneself and others more important. I do not plan for my future, I do dream a lot. This is another word play for me. Planning is more like setting goals {business} and dreams are more like intentions {spiritual}

My intention for this post was to share with you a little painting I made for the Winter Solstice -since I am posting on the 21st , the shortest day here in the Southern Hemisphere. And to inspire you with a little extra information about Matariki (the Maori New Year) which coincides with the Solstice. You can find a little more about this here

My goal was to get this post up in time and I am glad I managed that , because my goals don’t always get met. I seem to act more on my intentions.

I hope you have enjoyed my little comparison.

Happy Winter Solstice ! 
{or Summer Solstice for you on the Northern Hemisphere of course}

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