Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Featured / Published ²

I feel a little proud today, I got featured or published however you want to call it....and then again ! This week I received my copy of the Mixed Media Girls book from SuziBlu. Faster than I had expected, e.t.a. was Mid May ! One of my works ("Shattered") got featured, yay, Thanks Suzi !!!!
 ... and then today I got featured in a local on-line newspaper the "Sun Live" on-line part of the "Weekend Sun" pretty exciting huh ?

Makes my very sore shin a little better. I'll explain: I was carrying this huge box to my studio and didn't take a high enough step up the side walk-veranda kind of thing and crashed with my shin straight into the veranda bit and grazed both my lower arm and my shin, but the knock hurts more now that the grazes do......should NOT be doing this kinda stuff anymore at my age, haha ! Allright, of course I will survive....and tomorrow is a day off here in New Zealand, ANZAC day, remembrance day, so get to rest the leg a bit maybe ? then Thursday I start my "Art Journal group" at the studio :)


Anniek said...

That's cool!! That you got featured in Suzi's book I mean, not the little accident, that sucks! Hope you're feeling better soon. Enjoy your day off! We will have Koninginnedag next week! Vrijmarkt, yeah!!

Lisa Graham Art said...

This is so wonderful Joyce (not the shin part). Congratulations! Your art deserves to be in a thousand publications.

Cameron said...

Wow oh wow, Joyce!!! Congratulations!!!!!
So very cool to be in the paper, but in Suzi's book, too!! Incredibly exciting!!!

I'm sure the smile on your face makes the shin a distant second :D

Geri Centonze said...

Ouch! That must hurt (your shin)...but all of the good news probably helps a lot. Big congrats!!!! ♥