Sunday, April 22, 2012


Kakariki means "green" in te reo Māori and since I live here and this little doll is mainly green, nature like and earthy, I thought about naming her Jade or something like that, but Kakariki sounds so much more like her with her long curly lock on her left shoulder and her (allthough they are vague) curly fern-tip like details here and there. So here she is, I like her to bits ♥ she is in my shop if you love her too


Manon said...

You have been caught by the popjes bug lol. She is lovely, I have some real sweeties coming up soon! I am in Nederland at the moment but when I am back they will be showing their little faces in bogland. Popjes zijn mijn grote liefde en zo leuk om te zien dat jij dit deelt xx

Cameron said...

Gorgeous green goddess, Joyce! So pretty! Love the soft stained look of the color...and her face is just so sweet!!