Saturday, April 28, 2012

My left hand

I just read a post by my friend Cameron about her "wrong" right hand....Funny thing that a while ago I actually have done a left hand (my wrong hand) sketching excersize ( a "La Catrina" + some writing) in my journal and just this week also a left hand paint attempt excersize (the Unicorn), so I thought I'll share these with you today and link them to her post. Now, I don't know if you have ever tried these kind of excersizes, but how very tempting it is to use your "right" hand when stumbling on with a brush in your "wrong" hand, I had to stop myself a couple of times, but am very proud to say I did these ALL with my left hand and I do want to do this on a regular base, just to keep the dexterity going in the "other" hand. If only to have that ability available if ever needed (my sister recently had a bad accident and broke her thumb joint, makes you VERY aware of how difficult life becomes without your "right" hand) Oh, and DO check out Cam's artistic adventures, follow my linky thing on her name :) she has a wonderful blog and is very creative - and very dear to me too ♥


Anniek said...

Great idea to work more with the "wrong" right hand! I know from the past that it's not easy when the right hand is out of order. I felt exhausted at the end of the day! Your unicorn looks great BTW!

Cameron said...

Oh Joyce! You are so dear to me, too! Thank you for your sweet words :)

...and thank you for linking up, as well! These are fantastic! All the details on your Catrina must have been challenging...and trying to control the fine nuance of your brushstrokes...well, I haven't attempted so much myself...haha!

Big Hugs!

Lisa Richards said...

I think you have pretty good control with your non-dominant hand! I haven't tried painting this way. I hope you and I aren't the only ones to do this. It would be fun to see many examples! Great job!

Paula - Buenos Aires said...

I had tried drawing but not painting with my "wrong" hand. Cool idea. Lovely unicorn.