Sunday, April 01, 2012

Laughing all the way

Okay, so today I am laughing :)
I am laughing because @ April Fools I didn't even need a silly joke to put this a smile on my face :)
I am laughing because I AM going to finish the painting I was talking about in my last post and I CAN because I dealt with the feelings that were hindering me to do so :)
I am laughing because the lady from a Gallery closeby called to say I sold 2 paintings last week :)
I am, laughing because I just had 4 of my girlfriends from Christchurch for a visit, they stayed 2 nights and we had SUCH a great time :) 
I am laughing because I just found this wicked wooden stand on the local market and got the deal of the day ! It's gonna go in my studio shop :)

I am laughing because I painted some cool paintings at my studio this week :)
I am laughing because I am laughing because I feel GOOD !
(btw: up at the top, that flower-power kinda girl, that is me, a while ago, a long time ago actually, will have to double check with Dad to see when exactly, but it looks the way I feel today :)


Art Play Today said...

Just reading this makes me smile! I'm happy for you!

Anniek said...

:) back!!

Cameron said...

Laughing is good for so many ways! That shelf is awesome....lots of possibilities!

...and you...aren't you such a pretty girl?! Great picture!

Kristin said...

WHAT a wonderful post! xo