Friday, April 13, 2012

Gone Wild - GRRRR

Quite a few years ago now (ahem,do we really need to know when ?) Anyway, I was so lucky to take this wonderful camping trip to East Africa! Amongst other wild things, we made amazing photos and I had one of the oh-so good, wild times of my life (yeah I had more than one :)
Then aftwerwards, I made some wildlife pastel drawings for my sister (of course I never made any drawings for myself back then) Now when Cameron was posting all those wildlife images she was doing as part of her Drawing Lab excersizes, I thought I had to go find those photographs I made of those pastel works for myself, and I just did ! So here I am sharing my Black Rhino and the Blue Velvet Monkey portrait. At the moment my little studio shop is driving me wild ! (in a good way though, hehe) First I had the Jazz Festival to paint for like a mad woman and now I am running these holiday programs for kids, so this week I don't get to paint or draw much for myself ....grrr, so it's good to be able to share some old wild stuff with you all then, enjoy ;)


HaJee said...

ga door !!!! leuk hoor, dieren ook, maar ook voor kleinere schilderijtjes honden , katten etc. zoals je ook wel een vogeltje had en dat andere hondje. Goh, genoeg te doen denk ik hahaha :) xoxx

Cameron said...

Those are fantastic! I'm so glad you found the photos of these to share with us! That little monkey sure is a sweetie...what a wonderful adventure to have under your belt!

I'm so happy the Studio is keeping you busy! There is an energy buzzing around you for sure :D
Big Hugs!!