Monday, July 09, 2012

Angry Fish vs Angry Birds

 ><(((☼> ♥ <☼)))><
  I have created a couple of Angry Fish, allthough I must say I like birds too, so Angry Birds could have easily slipped off my pen, but they already existed of course. All jokes aside, I am into fishies at the moment and these were a couple of watercolours I did on the couch last week when I was again sitting there with my swollen (yes again) knee up. I also gave them cute little custom painted frames and I can't help but laugh everytime I see them. But keep your eyes peeled for more fishies to come swimming into this blog soon <☼)))><

for sale in my Etsy shop
for Sale in my Etsy shop


Gina said...

Lol :D I love their grumpy little faces :D XXX

Anniek said...

Cute!! Sorry, about the knee problems. Is this still because of the little accident you had some time ago?

HaJee said...

love the fishes with the big eyes Joyce , they are cute
but what about that knee, was the walk too much ??? grrr.
take care xoxoxo

Natasha said...

Hope your knee is better now. Love these fish, more cute than angry. :)

Cameron said...

I'm sorry about your knee!
Hope it's feeling better by now :)

Liking those fishies!