Saturday, July 14, 2012

'Quoi' - {unozzer Koi}

I couldn't help it, while I was drawing this fish, he started speaking kind of French to me, well actually more like Pepe le Pew 
{a pitiful case, am I not?}
So I am into fishies big time at the moment and this one is in hard pastels {conté}, gesso and acrylics on watercolour card



Anonymous said...

I love him!!!

Anniek said...

He does have a 'quoi' expression on his cute face!

Doone said...

h a ha
les enfants francaises tout dire 'quoi' parce que ma francais c'est terrible!
J'adore votre poisson
c'est vrai - pepe -dit les bons mots

ah will I ever be fluent????

Lisa Graham Art said...

OH Joyce...he is so cute!!! I love him! But my heart still belongs to Wee Morepork. :) Can't wait to see more fishes! What a great summer choice.

Gina said...

Haha...and I can hear his accent too...fabulous fishy :D XXX

Liz said...

adorable!... and he seems to know it just like pepe!

Natasha said...

:). I can hear him talk now! Love this fish, the colours are beautiful and so much character.

Cameron said...

He's too cute...I can hear his little fishy accent in my head :)

Missed you!