Sunday, July 29, 2012

Come my sweets to my Mad Hatters Tea Party

My daaaarlings, well Hellooooo !
And welcome to my fabulous Feast
Do you want a cup of Tea, maybe two
Have you had a marshmallow pie at least
And perhaps a slice of that rainbow cake ?
The others are already waiting for you
The doormouse all dressed up, look
Even the Cheshire Cat will join us 
   - and oh-
Remember to sign the visitors book !

and go visit the other parties too now !


Oh and you guys just HAVE to visit this shoemaker too, he makes the most beautifullest Alice in Wonderland Boots ! oooh on my wishlist.......


Laurie said...

What a psychedelic soiree!

Thank you for visiting my Tea Party - it was absolutely marvellous to have you. Please feel free to come again I can tell we will be fine friends!

Lots of sugar and spice and everything nice.
Queen Creative

Mad Madam Mel said...

OOOOOh Fab boots !!
Thank you for visiting my party earlier :)
Mad Madam Mel x

Blissful Pumpkin said...

Love the illustrations. What awesome boots. =D

Toriz said...

Fab party! :)

Mine is at

DogsMom said...

I think I had a bit too much tea and sugar. My eyes are twirling with light and color!

A very clever post. said...

Looooove your art images!!! Sparkly 3-d gooodnesss off to se the shoe maker ;)

Happy Tea pArtying!!!!

amy said...

sweet boots. glad to see you blogging again. missed your posts you delicious babe.


Ms Misantropia said...

Those are really great shoes!

Nikki Shields said...

I love your friendly Cheshire Cat! Great party!

Emalina said...

What a great cheshire cat! Happy Mad Tea Party!

Do come take tea with me at mine:

Kelly said...

What fun drawings! Love it! Thanks for inviting me!

Rachel said...

Mmmmmmm marshmallow pie, scrummy!

I love your drawings, and those shoes, my oh my!

Cameron said...

Ches and your Mad Hatress are delightful!!! Thanks for the invite and the delectable treats :)

Love ya!

Stampinmama said...

Give me the boots and no one gets hurt!!! JK but they are divine--Thanks for the sweet tea party I will always take a marshmallow pie
Come see me at Stampinmamas Place

Anonymous said...

Why thank you for a cuppa and some marshmallow was delish! I loved being here at your Mad Tea Party...thank you for inviting me.
PS...Alice and Cheshire are beautiful creations

Angela said...

Love your mad hatter illustration and I would definitely wear those boots! I'm new to your blog but look forward to seeing more!


Lisa said...

Thank you for having me! Love the boots!

Anonymous said...

Love those boots! Thanks for having me!

Do stop by and enjoy my party and enjoy photos, art, dolls and a giveaway too!♥-2012/

Lisa said...

I adore your work!!! Just beautiful and I really enjoyed my visit here.
hope you can visit my parties!

Rhissanna said...

I'm always up for an acrostic poem. Lovely! And, you're right about the Alice boots, just perfect for striped stockings and a tutu skirt!

Thank you for inviting me!

Dena Miller said...

Delightful drawings and poem.....thanks for inviting me and also for stopping by at my Party too...I am so glad that you enjoyed your visit♥

8)(8 said...

I love the boots! And I also love your interpretation of Cheshire cat!

Scrap Vamp said...

Thank you so much for inviting me to your tea party! What lovely art and those boots are fabulous!

AutumnWind said...

Oooooohhhhhh I am so glad I stopped by!! Thanks for the invitation. What a fabulous party. Those boots = LOVE. Thank you for having me =)

CL Cloud said...

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A Magical Whimsy said...

I don't know why I missed so many participants in 2012 for the Mad Tea Party! I love your Mad Hatter prose/poetry welcoming us to your party. Your poetry takes the cake!
I need to come here more often.
Teresa Swanson on 'the trodden path'

A Magical Whimsy said...

Oh! Yeah! The boots are amazing!!!