Wednesday, September 19, 2012

29 Faces # 17

a Journal entry
Frankly I don't know where this comes from, I started with the colour, green oxide, I really like that green and then it sort of happened. While painting and stuff, I was thinking a lot about why am I here (one of those philosophical moods I sometimes get into) who would really care if I were not here. Would anybody really have that much of a different excistance ? What if I did not paint and not posted in my blog almost every day. Who am I fooling ? what am I doing and WHY ? But then I have joined this 29 faces challenge, so I should and I also have to keep going for the kids, but in my heart today I am lost and don't see the big reason why , well nevermind. I hope to feel better tomorrow.

1 comment:

Cameron said...

My Dear Friend...I would certainly care.....and the energy of the world...the mesh of interwoven lives....would be altered....

Your whimsy, talent and creative soul would be sadly missed :)