Friday, September 07, 2012

And the winner is........

It's time, it's time
Thank you all for playing !
It's 7 September here (only just still) so I will do this before midnight (our midnight, NZ is GMT + 12) 
So I entered all 321 names into an Excel sheet (trust me I did and it was great to see all the peeps that "like" me and comment etc.etc.) It feels good to have so many of you cheering me on ;)  alas there can be only one winner......... 
I did the boring number generator and ......tadadadadadadada.........number 48

which came with the following name...........CARMEN WING !
Congratulations Carmen !!! You now want to come join the Trodden Path (follow this link) and I will make sure that you will get a free pass into the FRESCO class. I hope you are going to enjoy the workshop !!!
To all the others, if you get the chance do join the Trodden Path, it's free to join and a great supportive community of artists. There are some great workshops, including some free ones and maybe you still like to join my FRESCO one, it's loads of fun, packed with information and very reasonable. Hope to see you on


Carmen Wing said...

I can't believe it! Thank you so much Joyce - heading over there right now :D

Lisa Graham said...

I have joined the Trodden Path after seeing all your posts. So inspiring! You AND the Trodden Path.

Cameron said...

Yay for Carmen!!
Now we can all be on Trodden Path together :)

....and, yes, we LOVE you, Joyce!

Sinderella's Studio said...

congrats Carmen and enjoy the experience!
cheers, dana